Congolese Client’s Visit for Filling Machine.

During The 2nd China International Import Expo in November, 2019 African delegation arrives to Shanghai from Congo, South Africa. Owners visited and checked machines they demand, our factory is the key filling machine supplier in their schedule. 


We, Higee Machinery, a manufacturing based supplier, with nearly 20 years’ experience in field of filling,capping,labeling and packing machine line for different kind of products. We are professional one stop filling line solution provider. In their business trip, our customer consulted water pre-treatment system, including quartz sand filter, active-carbon filter, RO system, Ozone sterilizer, water tank. And they also tested the running of our 3 in 1 monoblock cola rinsing,filling and capping machine line. Finally we have a meeting about the after-sales, shipping day, payment term and market about selling bottled water production line in Africa. 


There is a piece of News from African delegation in Congo that the government forbids the manufacturer in local market to produce sachet water.

Sachet water filling and packing machine is a hot production in other zone of Africa now.But they need to think about to establish new bottled water production line in the future.


African delegation discovered the suitable machine, enjoy Chinese food, watching the machine testing. They give high praise to our good configuration and 5S managing experience during they visit our workshop, meeting room, production department, warehouse and managing site. We are also take pride in our manufacturing quality and cherish the cooperation each other. Higee Machinery, your good choice for all kinds of beverage, drink and water filling capping, labeling and packaging line. Welcome to Visit us! We are always be here waiting for you!

Post time: Dec-18-2019

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