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Canned food and Canned Meat-1000

Higee factory was found in 1993, is a professional manufacturer for canning and packing machine line for luncheon meat, meatloaf, corned beef, corned mutton meat, pates, goulash, raw meat, meat in sauce, fish paste and fish in sauce and seafood etc. We have an experienced research and development engineer team and strong sales team. Our filling seaming machine are applied for various metal tin food can such as round metal cans, oval can, square can, rectangular can, trapezoidal can, special cans etc.

can sample 


Flow for canned luncheon meat production line as below:

Raw meat → Thaw → Ground meat → Stirring and pickling → Chopping (compound glue is added in this step) →vacuum stirring machine →empty can cleaning machine→filling machine→seaming machine→finished can cleaning machine→High temperature sterilization → Cooling → palletizer with filled can →storage at room temperature → depalletizer with filled can →labeling machine →ink jet printer→ carton packing machine

 Our related canned food production line:

1. Luncheon canned meat filling machine

2. Luncheon meat canned seaming machine

3. Seaming machine for fish can such as for sardines/tuna

4. Seaming machine for canned seafood


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