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HIGEE Machinery- Canned Food Production Machine Manufacturer and Supplier

Canned food filling machines are equipment designed to automate the process of filling canned food products into containers. These machines are widely used in the food and beverage industry, especially for packing products such as beverages, soups, sauces, fruits, vegetables, and other non-solid foods.

According to the actual situation in the domestic middle and large-sized canning factories and beverage plants,our company has designed and manufactured a new generation filling and can sealing combination machine by referring to the most advanced filling and can sealing products from abroad.The pneumatically controlled cover feeding without can body contact and the equal liquid level filling technology are adopted.The production adopts frequency conversion speed adjustment. More than 95% of the appearance materials are made of stainless steel to guarantee the requirements of beautiful appearance and sanitation of the whole machine.The steam jetting device can be allocated according to customer requirements to increase the vacuum degree in the can.

It is widely used in food and beverage industry to filling canned food and beverage such as coconut milk water/juice, walnut milk, almond milk,nut milk, passion juice, apple juice, mango juice, tea, energy drink, juice beverages, tea beverages, protein beverages, paste sauce, chilli sauce, condensed milk, sweet corn, beans etc in metal tin can (tinplate). It is the first choice for beverage factories and canned food production factories.

Our machine including:

 * Automatic thick sauce filling seaming machine                                * Automatic canned coconut milk filling seaming machine

* Bowl type automatic liquid filling seaming machine                           * Automatic sweet corn canned filling machine

* Automatic canned Red kidney beans filling machine                         * Automatic juice canned filling and seaming machine 

canned food production line

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