Being professional manufacturer in wine capsule making machine,

 we are committed to provide the customized wine capsule machine solutions

To meet your flexible need in good performance.

wine capsule making machine

As the first one in the manufacturing of wine capsule machine in China with more than 30 years, our engineers have been devoting to the research and manufacturing of the wine capsule making machines for long time. Now we obtain the most parts of the markets in China, especially for brand wines and liquors in China. Our machine can use PVC film to make heat shrink wine bottle capsule, or use Aluminum plastic compound material polylam wine capsule, or Champagne sparkling wine capsules in different sizes and thickness with multiple decorations. We also can make the capsule for 5 gallon bottle or Olive oil bottle etc. Not only get the major markets in China, our machines have also been exported to Spain, Portugal, Russia, Romania etc. with very stable performance and then with very good reputation.

* PVC Wine Bottle Capsule Making Machine
* Polylaminate Wine Capsule Making Machine
* PVC & Polylaminate Wine Caspule Making Machine
* Champagne (Sparkling Wine) Capsule Making Machine
*PVC Water Bottle Big Capsule Making Machine

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