Higee Machinery - Your Filling Capping Labeling and Packaging One Stop Solution Provider Higee Machinery manufactures wide range Filling Capping Labeling & Packing machine for normal liquid, viscosity liquid, paste, powder, granule type of products in various bottles or containers and production output from food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, toiletry industries. Machines can be used for a wide scope of applications. Our liquid filling machine ranges from single-head manually operated filling machine, multi-heads filling capping machine to fully-automatic rotary 3 in 1 monobloc machine. The monobloc filling machine is with gravity filling, isobaric filling, counter pressure filling, hot filling and so on for different drinks and beverage. The linear filling line is with piston filling pump, peristaltic filling pump or ceramic filling pump and so on for different filling product and requirements.  For some filling machines are using either weighing type or volumetric filling technology. Client just discuss with us about your individual requirements, our engineering team will serve to provide customized solution and design for you. With many years’ manufacturing and worldwide business base, many clients recognize Higee’s design and machine quality. Their repeat orders are following. Clients reply on Higee Machinery and service. Higee also supports them in technique to grow their business.

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