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Higee has successfully developed various packing machines. The packing machines under this category are mainly primary packaging machines, that is, the first packaging equipment after the product is produced. The packing machines are widely used in food production, pharmaceutical product factory, and they are also be used in daily necessities, textile industry, hardware industry, etc.

Machine includes

• Pillow flow packing machine ( suitable for packing regular object such as biscuit, bread, instant noodle, moon cakes, tea leaves, etc. also can be with paper box or trays.)

• Power packing machine

• Granulepacking machine

• Liquid sachet packing machine

• Sauce/paste sachet packing machine

• Blister or cup liquid/gel/paste packing machine

Machine types:

• Vertical packing machine

• Horizontal packing machine

• Rotary packing machine

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