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Higee Machinery has been specialized in filling capping labeling & packing machine line from 2005. Is able to fill different liquid in different container efficiently and precisely. Regardless of type of liquid, from still water (pure water, mineral water) to carbonated drinks (sparkling water, soft drinks, cola, etc.), beer, wine or liquor, tea, juice oil or diary product etc. Including bottle and can filling machine solutions.

Many years’ experience in designing and production will help you get the most suitable filling and packaging machine production line with big enough optimization output and sustainable capacity. Our expertise will help you achieve extensive technical knowledge and packaging solutions. We’ll customize the complete line for your need.

Oil  Filling  Machine

Higee offers some of the best oil filling machines available for products of all types. The versatility of our equipment makes them compatible with many different applications, depending on your specific system requirements. Such as cooking oil, essential oil, engine oil etc.
Flow meter fillers are great option for packaging liquids. The flow meter is a volumetric meter used for continuous or intermittent measurement and control of liquid flow in pipelines. It has a large range, high accuracy, low pressure loss, strong viscosity adaptability, can fill and meter high temperature and high viscosity liquids. If the budget is limited, piston fillers are economic option for packaging liquids

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