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Higee Machinery has been specialized in filling capping labeling & packing machine line from 2005. Is able to fill different liquid in different container efficiently and precisely. Regardless of type of liquid, from still water (pure water, mineral water) to carbonated drinks (sparkling water, soft drinks, cola, etc.), beer, wine or liquor, tea, juice or diary product etc. Including bottle and can filling machine solutions.

Many years’ experience in designing and production will help you get the most suitable filling and packaging machine production line with big enough optimization output and sustainable capacity. Our expertise will help you achieve extensive technical knowledge and packaging solutions. We’ll customize the complete line for your need.

Beverage  Filling  Machine 

Our Beverage Filling Machine integrates bottle washing, beverage filling and capping into one monobloc 3 in 1 machine, and the three processes are carried out full automatically. It is used for carbonated or non-carbonated beverage liquid. Each machine element that contacts with the liquid is made of high quality stainless steel and food-grade rubber.

The automated multi-heads filling systems using isobaric filling technologies for carbonated drinks filling, like cola, spirit etc. It is equipped with CO2 accuracy pressure control so that the liquid level is always stable. The application of alarm devices for bottle jam, bottle shortage, bottle damage, cap shortage, over loading etc. to ensure the quality of its production. The machine obtains advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, high grade of automatin and easy operation.

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