Different Tomato Sauce Packages and Related Filling Solution

Ketchup is a very common sauce in the market. It has various different packagings. Higee Machinery can provide a variety of packaging solutions for sauces. Today, I will take ketchup as an example to introduce you to different packaging and corresponding filling solutions. For your reference when building a new sauce factory.
1, Can
1 tin can filler

Usually canned tomato sauce uses tin can packages with different sizes. It is very common and popular, usually the filling equipments for tin can sauce have a big dimension, capacity is a little big than other packages for single machine.

Generally full automatic ketchup tin can filling line includes:

2 tin can filling line

In this tincan filling line, the main filling unit is usually 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 filling machine, the 2 in 1 means one machine with filling unit and sealing unit, the machine is rotary type which is suitable for big production capacity.}
3 tomato sauce filling machine

2, Plastic bottle/glass bottle/glass jar

4 tomato sauce bottle

According to different materials, it can be divided into glass bottles and plastic bottles. According to different caps, it can be divided into screw caps, tinplate caps, and nozzle caps, etc.

The packaging of bottles can be made with a three-in-one filling machine or a linear filling machine according to the output capacity.

If you choose a three-in-one sauce filling machine, glass bottles and plastic bottles usually cannot share one. Because this type of filling machine is rotary, it is usually not recommended to share one for round bottles and other shapes. In the case of round bottles, some parts of the machine need to be replaced to adapt to bottles of different sizes when the diameter of the bottle is different.
5 three in one bottle filling machine

If you have a small capacity, and you have many different types of bottles, such as flat bottles, round bottles with big or small sizes, a learner type filling machine may be more suitable for you.

6 leaner bottle sauce filling machine

We have sauce filling machine or sauce filling capping machine for your choice. If you have many different types or sizes of caps, more than one set of cap loader is a must, or you could choose to put the cap manually on the bottle. Provide us with your bottle and type photo and size, we will choose one best solution for you.

3, Sachet/Pouch

In fast food restaurants, we often see small bags of ketchup. On overtime retail shelves, large bags of ketchup are usually bought by consumers for home use. 
7 sachet ketchup filling

There are many different types of ketchup in different bags on the market. Each type is packaged by different machines. Even though it is the same type of bag, there may be two or more different machines that can pack. When you buy a packaging machine, you usually need to consider the cost of not only the machine, but also raw materials such as packaging bags or packaging films. Generally speaking, the cost of prefabricated bags will be higher than roll film. The price of the machine will vary with the output and the bag type.
8 different sauce packing machines

*Higee packing machines

According to the sealing method, the bag packaging machine of ketchup can be roughly divided into: vertical packaging machine (three-side sealing, four-side sealing, back sealing packaging), spout bag packaging machine. According to raw materials, it can be divided into roll film packaging machine and pre-made bag packaging machine.

Later, we will write a separate article to introduce various sauce packaging machines in detail.

If you have any needs in sauce filling or packing machines, please contact Higee Machinery.

Post time: Nov-22-2021

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