Higee Machinery Empowers US Client with Advanced Automation Pesticides Filling Machine

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Higee Machinery, a leading provider of automated packaging solutions, is proud to announce the successful delivery of a 40HQ for a pesticides filling machine line for small plastic bottle, which is for a valued customer in the United States. The American client recently visited our factory on June 5th, 2023, to inspect this automatic pesticides filling production line and receive complete training on its operation.


Complete Automatic Pesticides Filling Solution

Our esteemed American customer has invested in this automatic pesticides filling solution from Higee Machinery. This package includes a bottle feeding from the automatic plastic bottle unscrambler specially designed for 30ml plastic jars, an Automatic Filling Machine, a Capping Machine with Caps Elevator, an Online Weight Inspector, a Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine, an Ink Jet Printer, and a Bottle Collector, among other essential components. This tailored solution ensures seamless and efficient production of their diverse range of Chemical Pesticides Liquids, despite having bottles and caps of the same size.

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Versatile and Easy to Operate

Given the various types of Chemical Pesticides Liquids, the client faced the challenge of preventing cross-contamination during the filling process. Higee Machinery addressed this concern by designing a user-friendly system that allows for the quick and hassle-free replacement of hoses and filling nozzles in the filling machine. This simple adjustment ensures that different chemical liquids can be filled without any risk of mixing, maintaining the integrity and efficacy of each product.


Streamlined Inspection and Payment Process

Upon completion of the production line inspection, the customer’s inspector was thoroughly impressed with the fully automated pesticides filling machine line. Recognizing the value of this advanced solution but easy operation, the client promptly paid the balance to facilitate the prompt delivery of the equipment.

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Convenient Door-to-Door Delivery

To ensure a seamless and stress-free delivery process, Higee Machinery promptly pack the machine in strong wooden cases which is securely packing for export transportation. Additionally, the client chose the DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) delivery method, which took care of shipping and transport costs, customs clearance, local charges, and any applicable tariff taxes. This is friendly for customer who are new in the importation or who don’t have much import experience or sources.

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Simplified Import Customs Clearance

Higee Machinery takes pride in offering a hassle-free experience for our clients. With our DDP delivery option, the customer need not concern themselves with customs clearance or document preparation for importing the machinery. Our experienced forwarders expertly handle all necessary procedures, thus saving valuable time and resources for our esteemed clientele.

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Case Studies of Success

XYZ Chemicals Inc.: One of the leading pesticide manufacturers, XYZ Chemicals Inc., faced challenges in streamlining their filling process for multiple chemical pesticide variants. By adopting Higee Machinery’s automatic filling solution, they achieved increased productivity, minimized wastage, and maintained the purity of their products.

ABC Agro Solutions: A startup company specializing in organic pesticides, ABC Agro Solutions sought an efficient and flexible filling solution to cater to their diverse product range. Higee Machinery’s customizable equipment allowed them to expand their product line swiftly and cater to various customer demands.


Higee Machinery‘s dedication to providing automated packaging solutions has once again proved successful with the delivery of an automatic pesticides filling solution to our valued US customer. By offering a comprehensive and versatile system, simplified delivery methods, and excellent customer support, we continue to be the preferred choice for companies seeking seamless and efficient filling solutions. We look forward to empowering more businesses globally with our innovative technology and exceptional services.



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