How to get the trust of customers in the first cooperation

As to the industrial machine purchasing from Foreign customers, which factors are the most important points of the transaction?

Now we’d like to discuss this issue from one of the case we experienced recently.

Background: Cali is from one of the manufacturer in Los Angeles, USA, the company needs to purchase White winter fir scented ornaments round bottle labeling machine for 25ml plastic bottle with 6 wooden sticks. How shall we do in this case?


1.Discovering the problems customer faced: They have never procured from China before. Their previous procurement was done through Ebay; So they don’t have enough experience in other relevant issue in international trading.

For example, they need the machine urgently, but they didn’t consider this kind of industrial machine is customized according to client’s requirement, it will need more time. But they just calculated the shipping day. There are also more other factors which will influence the delivery tine, such as TT payment, they don’t have experience how many days it will arrive in our account. So we need to consider to give best advice how can get their payment as earlier as possible so that we can start the production soonest.

2.With view to the above problems, we need to give professional feedback to client as soon as possible to save time.

HDY300 blank

3.Offer the customer the suitable proposal. our engineers use CAD to make layout drawings. It includes feeding turntable, conveying, inkjet coder, round bottle labeling machine (full circle), top surface label equipment, square collection table etc., with size and configuration. Regardless of the customer is a professional buyer or not, we make plans and details in advance.

4.Analyse the existing problems occurred: Client’s bottle center of gravity is not balanced, how to ensure: 1) the stability of the machine labeling; 2) the two ends of the label are aligned; 3) the speed reaches 120 bottles per minute as required by client. When we discuss this case before final confirm the order, we suggested client to send the bottle and label samples as soon as possible. When we got samples (bottles, label rolls, etc.). Our engineer modified partial structure drawing, change to star wheel type labeler to improve the labeling speed up to 120 bottles per minute.

HDY300 line for news-2

5. Suggest to use airfreight to make sure the machine arrive timely in consideration only with 10 days left for production period of time. In this situation, we have verified all steps with the production department that the raw materials to be arranged in advance and our production department work overtime in order to finish the machine in very short time to meet client’s production requirement.

With our mutual efforts, we successfully fullfilled the labeling machine line order with the first-time customer efficiently. 

Post time: Dec-15-2019

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