More and More Consumer Choose Food Can Sweet Chilli Sauce

For anyone looking to add some extra spice to their food, chili sauce is the way to go. Whether you’re using chili oil, red chilli sauce,chili flakes, chili paste,dried chilies etc. and Sweet Chilli Sauce makes a great dip or accompaniments for many dishes and taste so delicious. It is really an addictive. If you like eating chilli sauce, It is certain to become a stable condiment in your home!


Higee Machinery making automatic food can sweet chili sauce filling and seaming machine line.  If you need more details for can filling line, pls contact HIGEE MACHINERY.

HIGEE MACHINERY also provide a full line including empty tin can depalletizer with tin can washer, chilli sauce canned filling seaming machine,finished can cleaning machine, sterilizer, palletizer for filled can, depalletizer for filled can, cold glue can labeling machine, ink jet printer, carton packing machine etc. 


Post time: Dec-14-2022

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