New Delivery! HAP200 Flat Surface Labeling Machine for Small Box

One more Higee sticker labeling machine delivered to the USA, this top surface labeling machine is customized based on our model HAP200

1 HAP200 flat surface labeling machine


HAP200 is a flat surface labeling machine which can do top labeling for all kinds of flat object, such as boxes, papers, cartons, blocks, cans, lids, etc. It can do labeling also for uneven surface such as coffee bags, bagged product(foods, clothes, etc.).

Regardless of whether it is a regular label or an irregular label, there is no problem for HAP200.

This new delivered machine is for labeling of very small boxes, this is for a client in pharmaceutical industry. Label should be applied on the top of the round box, which is a clear label, client required a coding machine for this labeler.

2 product for top labeling machine

As the box is very small, for insuring the accuracy of labeling, we choose to add an correction system on the machine, it can clip the product tightly when do labeling to make the product not move, at the same time, the brush will brush the label to make it be applied better.

3 Detail small box labeling machine

The labeling speed for this product can be 70-120 pcs per minute, the speed is adjustable and it will be different according to different product size.

Want to know more specification information of this machine, please click: Small Box Top Labeling Machine

4 small box top labeling machine

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Post time: Oct-27-2021

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