What do you should prepare for your new spray paint factory?

Many customers who want to enter the spray paint production industry want to know what preparations should be made before production. The following article will introduce you in detail from the three aspects of materials, environment and equipment. If you are a novice, this article may help you.

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1 spray paint

1. The material you need to prepare:

1) Liquid:

- Paint

- Diluent for paint

Both of them could be supplied in paint shop/paint manufacturer.

2) The can. It includes:

- The empty can

- The nozzle

- The valve

- The outer cap

- The glass ball.

The glass ball is easy to find from glass product factory, the diameter of glass ball usually is 16mm or 14mm. The others could be found in empty can supplier.

2 spray paint can

3) The gas. The gas is Pure dimethyl ether. You could find it from liquefied gas supplier, and let them to sell you the pure dimethyl ether. (Or tell them it’s for production of paint can); Or you could buy it from chemical product factory or other related manufacturer.

4) Then you may also need to prepare a storage tank to store the diluted paint.

5) Labels. Usually it’s a small round label to show the color of this paint.

2. What is the environment that your factory should have?

1) Explosion proof

Since the paint needs to use flammable and explosive gases in the filling process, it is best for qualified customers to prepare an explosion-proof workshop. If not, it must be ensured that there is no open flame or switch near the machine (especially the gas filling machine). If there is a switch, the switch must be an explosion-proof switch.

2) Has source of gas.

Customers without air supply could prepare an air compressor. Because spray paint filling equipment requires compressed air in many steps.

The above are the main two aspects. In addition, different equipment may have different requirements on the workshop. Please consult Higee Machinery for details.

3 paint filling machine

3. The equipments:

1) Liquid filling machine

2) Valve inserting and sealing machine

3) Gas filling machine

4) Capping machine

5) Labeling machine (if necessary)

6) Bottle feeding and collecting machine (if necessary)

7) Packing machine (Film packing or carton packing machine)

8) Leak detection, weighing detection and other online detection equipment.

9) Cleaning equipment (if necessary)

4 automatic paint can machines

Higee Machinery can provide complete line equipment for paint production, fully automatic or semi-automatic, please contact us if necessary.

Post time: Sep-22-2021

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