What is affecting the service life of the machine?

1.  First of all: The quality of the machine. 

Different manufacturers and different types of machines may use electronic components of different brands and configurations. The machine is composed of multiple mechanisms, and each mechanism is interlocked with different accessories. The higher the components used in the equipment, the better the equipment, the higher the quality and the longer the service life.

Also, the process and materials of the machine also affect the quality of the machine.


2.  Correct use and maintenance.

The place where the machine is installed should be protected from moisture and exposure, and the temperature should be appropriate;

If the machine runs for a long time, pay attention to oiling gears, bearings, etc., preferably half a month as a cycle;

Before using the labeling machine, carefully check whether the screws of the equipment are loose, so as to avoid the motor being burned out due to the loosening of the screws during the operation of the equipment;

After the machine is used every day, pay attention to clean the dust on the surface of the equipment, disconnect the power supply, and pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment.

Pay attention to timely replacement of parts that are easily worn out, such as belts in parts that are easily worn out.



Generally speaking, a machine with good quality can be used for a few years without any problems. If used and maintained correctly, the using life can be easily longer than 10 years.

Post time: Aug-09-2021

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