What’s the advantage and disadvantage of PLA and PET material bottle in filling industry?

Based on the issue of trash separating, cost and environmental protection, is the PLA bottle the mainstream in the beverage industry?

Since July 1, 2019, Shanghai, China has implemented the most stringent trash separating. At the beginning, there were someone beside the trash can who helped and guided the correct separating, need to separate the recyclables, Kitchen waste, other waste, hazardous waste etc.

garbage sorting

From the issue of mandatory trash separating, where will different material beverage bottles go? From the hottest question and answer on the quora, Why don’t they make plastic water/soda/milk bottles out of PLA?

As we know, the beverage bottles are made of PET, PP, PE, PC. Some mineral water bottles, under high temperature and acidic conditions, such as hot water, acid, sour plum, vinegar, etc., may have chemical dissolution. Mineral water bottles are generally used at one time. Recyclable but not degradable for hundreds of years.

The PLA bottle will be degraded in 50 years under natural conditions. Crystalline PLA, the only stuff which could theoretically be used in food contact applications, requires in-vessel composting (hydrolysis) to make the structure bioavailable. It is converted to CO2 and water leaving around 20% of the original weight, but the resultant material only provides structure to the compost and no nutrients. This is effectively disposal, rather than recycling.


Calculated by the production of 500,000, the cost of a 21-gram pet preform is 0.041 US dollars.

The cost of a 21-gram PLA preform is $0.182. The two costs differ by a factor of 4.5. Faced with such a cost gap, how many beverage manufacturers can afford it?

As a manufacturer in beverage filling industry, Higee Machinery(Shanghai)Co.,LTD can provide the complete whole line from bottle making, bottle washing filling capping and labeling till final packaging.Firstly use preform pretreated by heat, and use blowing machine to make the preform to all kind of shape bottle. The bottle then go to 3 in 1 monoblock washing filling capping machine. Is PLA bottle suitable for all the running steps in the 3 in 1 bottle filling machine?


What’s the advantage and disadvantage of PLA and PET material bottle in filling industry? Which countries use more PLA bottles? Welcome to share your ideas via email admin@higeemachine.com and phone +86 18616918471. Let us discuss together.

Post time: Dec-17-2019

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