Aseptic cold filling and hot filling

What is aseptic cold filling? Comparison with traditional hot filling?

1, Definition of aseptic filling
Aseptic cold filling refers to the cold (normal temperature) filling of beverage products under aseptic conditions, which is relative to the high-temperature hot filling method usually used under general conditions.
When filling under aseptic conditions, the parts of the equipment that may cause microbial contamination of the beverage are kept aseptic, so there is no need to add preservatives in the beverage, and it is not necessary to perform post-sterilization after the beverage is filled and sealed. Meet the requirements of long shelf life, while maintaining the taste, color and flavor of the beverage.

2, All-round comparison of hot and cold filling

Hot filling machine is generally divided into two types:

One is high-temperature hot filling, that is, after the material is instantaneously sterilized by UHT, the temperature is lowered to 85-92°C for filling, and the product is refluxed to maintain a constant filling temperature, and then the bottle cap is kept at this temperature for sterilization.

One is to pasteurize the material at 65~75℃ and add preservatives after sterilization and filling.

These two methods do not need to sterilize the bottle and cap separately, just keep the product at high temperature for a long enough time to achieve the sterilization effect.

PET aseptic cold filling firstly performs UHT instantaneous sterilization on the materials, and then quickly cools down to normal temperature (25°C), and then enters the aseptic tank for temporary storage. Secondly, the bottles and caps are sterilized with chemical disinfectants, and then filled in an aseptic environment until they are completely sealed before leaving the aseptic environment. The heating time of the materials in the whole process is short, the filling operation is carried out in an aseptic environment, the filling equipment and the filling area are also disinfected, and the safety of the product can be guaranteed.

3, The outstanding advantages of PET aseptic cold filling compared with hot filling

1) Using ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization technology (UHT), the heat treatment time of the materials does not exceed 30 seconds, which maximizes the taste and color of the product, and maximizes the preservation of the vitamin (heat-sensitive nutrients) content in the material.

2) The filling operation is carried out in an aseptic, normal temperature environment, and no preservatives are added to the product, thus ensuring the safety of the product.

3) Improve production capacity, save raw materials, reduce energy consumption, and reduce product manufacturing costs.

4) The advanced technology can be widely used for filling various beverages.

5) Application of clean concept in aseptic packaging of beverages.

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Post time: Aug-18-2021

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