Automatic Glass Bottle Water Filling Machine Line

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The glass water filling machine integrates bottle washing, filling and capping into one monoblock machine. The three processes are carried out fully automatically, We can do for carbonated or non-carbonated water filling.

  • Supply Ability: 30 Sets/Month
  • Trade term:: FOB, CNF, CIF, EXW
  • Port:: Shanghai port in China
  • Payment term:: TT, L/C
  • Production lead time:: Normally 30-45 days, it should be reconfirmed.
  • Trade term: FOB, CNF, CIF, EXW
  • Port: Shanghai port in China
  • Payment term: TT, L/C
  • Production lead time: Normally 30-45 days, it should be reconfirmed.
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    Glass bottle Water 3 in 1 Rinsing Filling and Capping Machine
    The machine elements that contact with the liquid is made of high quality stainless steel, The critical components are made by numerically-controlled machine tool, and the whole machine condition is under detection by photoelectric sensor. It is with advantages of high automation, easy operation, good abrasive resistance, high stability, low failure rate, etc.

    Capacity range 2000BPH-18000BPH (based on 500ml bottle)
    Applicable bottle size bottle height 160-340mm, diameter ∅50mm-∅100mm
    Including bottle rinsing, filling and capping machine 3 in 1 machine
    Complete line options water treatment system, bottle blowing machine, sticker Labeling machine or sleeve labeling machine, date printer, film wrapping machine etc.

    filling line

    Glass bottle Water 3 in 1 Rinsing Filling and Capping Machine

    1)Spring-type flushing pliers, the empty bottle automatically turns 180° with the track, and the bottle is rinsed. The plumbing nozzle of the machine adopts plum-shaped multi-holes to flush the angles of the bottom of the bottle, and the flushing efficiency is high.
    2)Adopt bottle bottom holding and micro-negative-pressure filling type. The filling level is steady and speed stable, without leakage.
    3)Adopt alarm devices for bottle jam, bottle shortage, bottle damage, cap shortage, over loading etc. in several places. The device helps to ensure the quality of its production.
    4)Easy operation. For the bottles with same diameter but a little difference in height, the 3in1 monoblock do not need changing exchanging parts. It just needs to adjust height of drying/filling/capping valves, so that time is saved and maintenance more convenient.
    5)Independent electricity box makes sure every electrical appliance works smoothly.
    6)Material: The material which contact directly with the liquid is the SUS304 (Food grade), made in china.
    Glass bottle water filler

    Automatic cap loader
    cap loader

    This machine is designed and manufactured for multiple cap types. It features simple structure, convenient operation, and easy maintenance.
    It has a strong capacity of transporting caps and sterilizing. The height and distance of transporting caps, the time of sterilizing can be adjusted as the requirement.
    With two tubes for sterilizing caps in the storage hopper
    Material: stainless steel

    conveyor Belt

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