HAY200 Economic Round Bottle Sticker Labeler

Short Description:

This automatic round labeling machine is suitable for all kinds of cylindrical objects, widely used in pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, daily chemical, food and beverage etc. industries. It can be used separately or lined with filling or packing production line.

  • Supply Ability: 60 Sets/Month
  • Trade term: FOB, CNF, CIF, EXW
  • Port: Shanghai port in China
  • Payment term: TT, L/C
  • Production lead time: Normally 15-25 days, it should be reconfirmed.
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    Automatic Labeling Machine for Round Bottles

    12- 1-Sticker Labeling Machine for Round Bottles HAY Series


    The labeling Machine is suitable for all kinds of cylindrical objects, such as glass bottles/bucket, Plastic bottles/bucket. This is with roller belt for round container labeling. The machine also can be customized for cone objects. It’s suitable for industry use or home use.

    Client can choose to add screw bottle separator or coding machine.

    It can work separately or connecting with conveyor to work with other equipment.


    * The machine is made in SUS304 stainless steel and high grade aluminum alloy.
    * Imported step motor or servo motor is used for the labeling head to assure labeling speed and accuracy.
    * The photo electricity and control system apply advanced component from Germany or Japan or Taiwan.
    * Use PLC man-machine interface control system, which is easy to understand.

    12- 1-Sticker Labeling Machine for Round Bottles HAY Series

    Technical Parameter

    Items Parameters
    Size of Machine: Abt. 2200(L)×1100(W)×1300(H)mm
    Labeling Speed:

    20-200pcs/min (Depend on the length of label and diameter of bottle)

    Height of Object:

    30-280mm( The machine can be customized according to the size of object with bottle, bucket and jar etc )

    Diameter of object: 30-150mm
    Height of Label: 15-140mm
    Length of Label: 25-300mm
    Accuracy of Labeling:

    ±1mm (excluding the error of bottle and label)

    Inside diameter of Label roller: 76mm
    Outside diameter of Label roller: 320mm

    ■ Screw rod bottle separator
    ■ Printing machine (max. 300pcs/minute, to print date or batch no.etc, max 3 lines)
    ■ Transparent label monitor
    ■ Bottle feeding and collecting table

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