Aseptic Nasal Filling Capping Machine

Short Description:

This filling machine is aseptic filling machine with class A flow hood, with automatic filling, cap feeder, capping system, can achieve automatic production for nasal. It can be equipment with bottle unscrambler or bottle rotary feeding machine, round bottle labeling machine, box packing machine, etc. 

Supply Abilit:   30 Sets/Month

Trade term: :    FOB, CNF, CIF, EXW

Port::     Shanghai port in China

Payment term::    TT, L/C .

Production lead time::    Normally 30-45 days, it should be reconfirmed.

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1 aseptic nasal filling machine

Liquid Filling Capping Machine with Flow Hood

2 aseptic nasal filling capping machine

Working principle 

Cap feeding mechanism: the bottle moves intermittently to the capping station through the turntable, and the capping turntable is controlled by the optical fiber detection to control the working signal of the capping servo motor, so as to achieve the function of capping with a bottle and no bottle, no capping. The capping mechanism is designed on the principle of double-arm manipulator, which avoids the instability of the previous spring or single-arm manipulator after long-term use. The whole process of capping does not require air source and vacuum, and the capping part has an automatic positioning function, which is stable, no pollution, accurate positioning.

Capping mechanism: The first capping mechanism adopts a constant torque design, and the torque is adjusted according to the tightness of the thread of the bottle cap and the bottle mouth. After the capping is in place, it can automatically slip. The purpose of hurting the bottle. The second bottle positioning is automatically positioned by mechanical transmission, clamping without pneumatic components, stable bottle clamping, and no damage to the bottle surface.


  1. The machine adopts a unique mechanical capping mechanism, the capping is accurate.
  2. With the function of no bottle, no filling, no bottle, no capping.
  3. With emergency stop switch, automatic alarm when mechanical failure occurs. Equipped with a wireless remote control debugging device, which is convenient for equipment maintenance and debugging.
  4. Submersible filling without dripping or foaming.
  5. The filling needle is smooth and ground with R60 degree inner chamfer and does not hang liquid.

Technical parameter  



Applicable bottle

5-50ml round plastic bottle, glass bottle

Production capacity

10ml: 80-100 bottles/min

Filling method

Peristaltic pump

Filling station


Filling accuracy

≤ ±2%

Capping pass rate

≥ 99%

Power supply

220V 50HZ




2000×1500×2100mm (subject to actual size)




3 automatic aseptic nasal filler

Suitable products

4 nasal filling capping machine high speed

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