Automatic Vaginal Gel Injector Filling Capping Machine

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This gel filling capping machine is designed for pharmaceutical gynecological gel filling and capping for tube type injector. It is fully automatic machine including injector feeding, gel filling, cap feeding and capping, it can be connect with labeling machine or other packing line.

  • Supply Ability:: 30 Sets / Month
  • Trade term:: FOB CNF CIF EXW
  • Port:: Shanghai port in China
  • Payment term:: TT . L / C
  • Production ead time:: Normally 30-45 days , it should be reconfirmed
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    1 Vaginal Gel injector filler

    Fully Automatic Gynecological Gel Filling Machine


    1. Touch screen PLC intelligent control, with no tube, no filling, no capping, no tube delay stop and other functions.
    2. Intelligent control of filling quantity: The filling quantity is directly input on the touch screen, and the filling quantity can be automatically calibrated. Switching between different specifications, it is extremely convenient to adjust the loading capacity, and there is no requirement for the level of the operator. Avoid the trouble of traditional debugging and testing.
    3. Modular dose pump, high precision, easy to clean and maintain. Special anti-drip filling head, anti-drip effect is better.
    4. It is equipped with a filling guide mechanism to ensure that the small nozzle package can be inserted accurately.
    5. Intelligent upper tube turning mechanism, without the problem of high noise in the traditional multi-vibration disc mode; the servo is in charge, which is more accurate.
    6. Overload protection and alarm prompt, more safe and reliable.

    Technical parameter  




    20-40/50-70/80-100/100-150 (pcs/min)


    3-5g (customized upon request)

    Gas source


    Power supply


    Total power


    Total Weight


    Suitable products 

    2 pharmaceutical Gel injector filling machine

    *suitable product for reference

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