Glass Bottle Beer Filling Machine

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Our Beer filling machine line integrates bottle washing, filling and capping machine into one monoblock machine. The processes are carried out fully automatically. Filling in PET bottle or glass bottle or can bottle all can be customized.

  • Supply Ability: 30 Sets/Month
  • Trade term:: FOB, CNF, CIF, EXW
  • Port:: Shanghai port in China
  • Payment term:: TT, L/C
  • Production lead time:: Normally 30-45 days, it should be reconfirmed.
  • Trade term: FOB, CNF, CIF, EXW
  • Port: Shanghai port in China
  • Payment term: TT, L/C
  • Production lead time: Normally 30-45 days, it should be reconfirmed.
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    Compete Glass Bottle Beer Filler Machine Monoblock Production Line
    The machine elements that contact with the liquid is made of high quality stainless steel, The critical components are made by numerically-controlled machine tool, and the whole machine condition is under detection by photoelectric sensor. It is with advantages of high automation, easy operation, good abrasive resistance, high stability, low failure rate, etc.
    We can also equip the beer production line with water treatment equipment, pre-treatment mixer equipment system, and the packing system including shrink sleeve labeling machine, shrink packing machine one complete line.
    beer bottle filler

    1.Beer Bottle Screw Feeder
    beer bottle feeder--

    2.Beer bottle Washing Filling and Capping Machine
    This Beer filling equipment adopts bottle neck holding transmission technology to realize fully automatic washing, filling and capping. It is equipped with CO2 accuracy pressure control, so that the liquid level is always stable. The application of alarm devices for bottle jam, bottle shortage, bottle damage, cap shortage, over loading etc. in several places ensure the quality of its production. The machine obtains advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, high grade of automation and easy operation, etc.

    Washing Part
    rinsing part

    Filling Part
    rinsing part

    Capping Part
    rinsing part

    ● with bottle neck clipping transmission structure, the bottle conveyance is stable; very convenient and swift to use different bottles for filling in the same machine by adjusting the height of conveyor and several exchanging parts.
    ● with Isobaric filling theory, filling speed is quick and precision is high; the filling level is adjustable.
    ● With spring type washing clipper, empty bottles are turned 180°along the guiding roll for inside rinsing; the washing nozzle adopts plum blossom shape multiple holes to rinse the bottle bottom, washing efficiency is high.
    ● Capping machine adopts France technology, the capping is by magnet torque; the cap catching adopts twice catching to ensure the veracity.The capping force is adjustable, constant torque capping will not damage caps and the cap is good sealed and reliable.
    ● The whole machine is operated by touch screen, controlled by PLC and frequency convertor etc., with functions of no bottle no cap feeding, waiting when lack of bottles, stopping if bottle is blocked or no cap in cap guiding pipe.

    3.Cap loader

    belt conveyor

    Cap loader conveys the caps to the cap unscrambling machine. It has the function of no bottle no cap loading, automatic control.

    4.Beer Bottle conveyor
    belt conveyor

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